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Church of the Holy Name c. 1911 No steeple Copy of Postcard with typo .pdf
This is a copy of a postcard from about 1911, showing the church before the steeple was added-- and featuring an amusing misprint.

Bloomingdale Conservation Project, The Morningsider, 1961.10.12.pdf
In the Bloomingdale Neighborhood History Group's files, we have a red folder of newspaper clippings about the Bloomingdale Conservation Project, created by Ginger Lief. Most of the clippings are from the New York Times, and those articles are fairly…

These are librarian Susan Singer's notes for a talk she gave to the Park West Neighborhood History Group, later renamed Bloomingdale Neighborhood History Group. Though Ms. Singer has first-hand knowledge of the branch's history, having worked there…

The Bloomingdale Neighborhood History Group was given a xerox copy of this report for our files in the Bloomingdale Branch of the New York Public Library on the occasion of a tour of the building on October 25, 2003, before the building was sold and…

The booklet is in the Bloomingdale Neighborhood History Group's archive of neighborhood history documents in the Bloomingdale branch of the New York Public Library, on West 100th Street. It is available for use in the library.

This is a special short volume or pamphlet with many drawings, taken from the author's "Silver Connections, Vol. I (1984): Station Descriptions & Illustrations & Layouts." However, this is a revised text from 2006, produced especially for the…


This is a beautifully written account based on the author's own experience of 9/11 as well as interviews with members of the Upper West Side's Community Free Democrats club.

These are Jean Jaworek's notes for a visit to the West 104th Street Community Garden (between Central Park West and Manhattan Avenue), which she led for the Bloomingdale Neighborhood History Group on September 19, 2010. Although she didn't write…

This is a scan of the typescript copy of the Harper's Weekly article we have in the Bloomingdale Neighborhood History Group's history files. A digital copy of the original article may be found through the New York Public Library, but the size of the…
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